Sri Kijang Langkawi

This post is for the benefits of all future holiday makers at the Sri Kijang Langkawi as I couldn’t seem to find much info on it while I was fact finding on the web before our departure.  So please enjoy and I do hope you will have some idea of it by the end of this article.
Sri Kijang Langkawi is a private holiday resort owned by Bank Negara and caters only to the bank’s staff and their guests.  So we were in fact very lucky and honored to be invited to this exclusive resort. 🙂  There are at least 6 of these bungalow chalets constructed from red bricks in the compound.  With at least 5 rooms it can easily house up to 10 pax or more if you don’t mind sleeping on the wooden floor which is ample inside the unit.

Walking paths cum cycling lanes(yes they even provide bicycles!) and soft sandy white beach just perfect for that twilight romantic walk for two.

The exterior.

The interior.
Spacious and lavishly furnished in wood.
The bedroom.

The guards, housekeeping and maintenance staff are all very helpful and friendly.  Maybe because we were the only guests around and they weren’t too stressed out!  Only some children’s laughter were heard around the pool area on the day we arrived and never seen or heard of thereafter.   Ok not trying to be spooky here though I know Halloween is just around the corner!  😀

Since there’s no one else, this became our own little private pool.  Cool eh!

The beach.

The bicycle.

VVeeee…ee…..eee…….here we go…… beach view and sea breeze on my face…… I heart  🙂

P/S.  Remember to dine at the Sawadee Thai Restaurant which is just next to the Kijang. Serves great food at reasonable prices in extremely romantic settings ie dark too dark!   Those with eye sight deficiencies may find it slightly challenging to read the menu!


6 Responses to “Sri Kijang Langkawi”

  1. menarik n tertarik

  2. muhdhanis Says:

    can i rent the room?

  3. Ms willow, can u email to me more photo from sri kijang. I need the decoration idea by wood.

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